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Friendship is a wonderful bond, an enchanting chemistry between people, which feels like magic.A friend is someone who understands us, sticks by us and shares our feelings.On this friendship day send free friendship poems to all your loved ones and celebrate this magical bond of friendship.

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True Friend For Me Is... You ! A true friend... gives you a push,
when you need it..
lifts you up, when you feel low..
guides you the right way
and never lets you down!
that true friend for me is.... YOU!
I wondered how
you do it!
But,even when I'm
you can still

Though I don't need
to say
it in any words...
you're a truly special friend
I could ever have!

Happy Friendship Day !
Our Friendship Is So Special !
Hold You In My Hand 'N Close To My Heart... Hold a true friend with both your hands
you've been there for me
in happy times and in moment of blues
you've been there for support,
my encouragement
and sometimes even my inspirations

If I donot hold you in my hands
and keep you close in my heart
Tell me who I should

Happy Friendship Day !

what is a friend?
a single soul!
dwelling in two bodies"

I'm so lucky to have found a friend who lifts my spirit and nourishes my soul!

Happy Friendship Day!

What Is A Friend ?
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